$2,019 for 2019: Advisory Council Members Fuel Fund the People's 2019 Work

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$2,019 goal

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We Invite You to Support Fund the People's 2019 Work

As a member of the Advisory Council, your guidance and partnership has helped Fund the People become a powerful voice for investing in the nonprofit workforce. As we work to diversify our financial base of support, I want to invite you to join me in making a financial contribution to Fund the People before the end of 2018. Your donation will help fuel Fund the People's work in 2019 as they advocate and organize to maximize investment in a more equitable, high-performing, impactful, and sustainable nonprofit workforce. Our modest goal is to raise $2,019 from Advisory Council gifts before 2019 begins. Please use this page to give today.

Thanks in advance for your support!


The Executive Committee

Meenakshi Abbi, Finance Chair

Russ Finkelstein, Communications Committee Chair

Monisha Kapila, Equity and Inclusion Committee Chair

Dahnesh Medora, Advisory Council Chair

Kristen Ruff, Program Committee Co-Chair

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