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Fund the People Spring Appeal

Together, we can secure funding that works for the people who do the work!

$3,752 raised

$3,500 goal

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Thank you for supporting Fund the People's 2023 Spring Appeal!

Fund the People fights for more investment from funders in America's nonprofit workers. We fight to increase funding that will enable livable wages, better benefits, healthier workplaces, and healthier humans in all our organizations. We've been beating this drum for nine years -- through the most challenging circumstances for our workforce in modern times. As we emerge into a new era marked by hyper-burnout and worker dissatisfaction, we've laid the groundwork for transformation.

Now -- as we prepare to roll-out our Funding that Works framework and online courses, and build our capacity to engage the sector and engage in policy work, we need the financial support of everyone in the nonprofit workforce. You can be part of a powerful and growing movement to build the power, visibility, and sustainability of nonprofit workers and leaders by contributing to our first-ever Spring Appeal today!