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Fund the People seeks to maximize investment in the U.S. nonprofit workforce.

Nonprofit professionals are the bedrock of civic life. Our communities, environment, and economy all benefit when nonprofit leaders have the support to not just survive, but to thrive.

Indeed, investing in the nonprofit workforce is the best thing we can do to increase equity, performance, and impact across the social sector. It is also a matter of ensuring social justice within the very organizations that work for social justice out in the world.

Practically speaking, we deliver ideas, research, and practical guidance through our Toolkit. We educate and train through in-person and online events. And we build networks, partnerships, and conversations across the field.

Our work is supported by a growing number of foundations and by donors like you. Every contribution helps. We invite you to make a donation today to support this important campaign and mission.

Thank you in advance for your investment!


Fund the People Team